Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Zend/PHP Conference Keynote Speakers Announced

Today we announced the first batch of keynote speakers for the Zend/PHP conference. Not only is it great to see a large-scale PHP and Zend user such as Schematic on the list, but also having industry thought leaders such as r0ml and Chris Andersen volunteering their time to address the PHP community.

I'm particularly excited about Chris Andersen coming. The last time I saw him, Chris was still blogging about his upcoming book on The Long Tail Web site. Now the book is published, and having gotten my hands on a copy, I'm looking forward to getting it autographed at the conference!

As was the case last year, we believe we will be getting a good mix of both developers and business people at the conference, making it an interesting venue for all. Whether you're a long time PHP hacker or are a business looking for a very efficient way to build scalable modern Web applications, you will hopefully find the answers at our conference.