Friday, February 17, 2006

Going to mashup camp...

Monday and Tuesday is Mashup camp. It's what I call organized chaos. Initially a Wiki was put up, a few emails were sent around, and very quickly people stepped up to participate, contribute and sponsor the event.
It's still not completely clear what will be going down there but from scanning the list of attendees I do think that it'll be a noteworthy event where us geeks (and some impostors) will be trading secrets and ideas on how to take the idea of mashups and Web Services to the next level. It's becoming increasingly clear that mashups can have real business value (and OK, some are just cool), and the skies the limit when it comes to mixing and matching widely exposed services and data.
Zend and Yahoo! Developer Network are co-hosting a reception with mashup food (take a wild guess what that means). So please stop by!
We'll also be showing some of the functionality of the upcoming Zend Framework especially the components which are specifically targetted at consuming Web Services and will showcase how the simplicity and power of PHP is a perfect platform for mashups. As part of that we will showcase an Application Wiki written by IBM using PHP and some Zend Framework pieces. It very much shows the Enterprise mashup concept i.e. mashups can solve real business problems.

See you there!