Monday, May 02, 2011

Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP is now available!

As I recently noted, we have teamed with Adobe to deliver a solution for developers to rapidly deliver native, connected mobile applications. This joint solution based on Adobe Flash Builder, Zend Studio and Adobe AIR enables users to use a common code base and target multiple devices including iOS, Android and Blackberry. Passed are the days where you have to learn Objective-C, Java and other native frameworks.

A recent research report noted that the # of Mobile app downloads will reach 44 billion by 2016. That coupled with the fact that Apple has already paid out over $2 billion to developers for apps sold on the App Store creates a compelling story for a solution that helps developers leverage Web skills and an easy to use visual builder to deliver internet connected applications across devices.

Check it out at’s product page or’s product page.