Thursday, February 28, 2008

Zend Framework to be part of Ubuntu!

We got some great news from Stephan Hermann. Stephan is one of the chosen few MOTUs in the Ubuntu community and has spearheaded the process for getting Zend Framework included in Hardy Heron aka Ubuntu 8.04. Hardy Heron is slated for release in April 2008 and going forward we will work closely with Stephan and other MOTUs to make sure we always have the right bits in Ubuntu.

For those who aren't too familiar with Ubuntu's success (unlikely) the following Google Trends graph is a proof point for its extraordinary growth.


We are very proud to be an integral part of the Ubuntu distribution going forward. This is an important step towards making Zend Framework accessible to a broader audience and by working closely with the MOTUs we are able to ensure a positive end-user experience.

This comes at a time where we have had over 4M downloads of Zend Framework, 500K of them unique. From the minute Ubuntu hits the streets we will be reporting minimum downloads only :)

Thanks again to Stephan and all the MOTUs for the support and to Canonical for sponsoring such a great project.


  1. Do you mean Zend Framework will be packaged for Ubuntu and available through the official repositories in order to be easily installable with aptitude? If so, that's some pretty good news.

    sudo apt-get install php5-zf

    I love the sound of that.

  2. That's disgraceful! Congratulations on bloating the distro with a dime-a-dozen PHP framework, useful to about 0.00001% of the people out the using Ubuntu.

    Zend's relationship with PHP is coming dangerously close the Redhat/Fedora style of corporations raping open source projects.

    Nice work!

  3. Yes, via the official Ubuntu Universe repository.

  4. To "anonymous": Feel free to drop me an email directly at andi at zend. I'd like to better understand the reasoning behind your comments.

  5. Hi Andi,

    thanks for this nice article....

    Let Ubuntu become the best Distro for PHP stuff :)



  6. @andi, anonymous is just another troll. The internet has a habit of making insecure people think they are awesome...

    That being said, this is great news coming from you and Zend. Canonical/Ubuntu working closer with Zend upstream only makes the experience better for everyone.

  7. @Anonymous: Adding any application to the repository does not, in any way, shape or form, bloat the distro. It's simply in the repository. You install it if you want or need to. It's not and will never be installed by default - even with a server install.

    Drupal, Cake, Rails and at least two dozen PEAR packages are already in the repositories, and that's just for Web Development related applications. So why not add Zend Framework?

    It's good for Zend's notoriety, for Ubuntu's popularity and for developers.

  8. Will there be one "big" zf package, or will it be split up into multiple packages? In relation to the discussion at

  9. Technically speaking, we already are tracking minimum downloads, since ZF is redistributed by many of our community members already. As one example, here is a community-maintained PEAR channel.
    The milestone here is that Zend is collaborating with a partner/community member for the first time to create a distro channel that is more convenient that the standard distro channel for many of our users (and for which we can't track downloads). It's a great start and should bring a lot of value to ZF users, so I hope this isn't the last alternative channel we look at. :)


  10. Is it possible for you guys to track subversion statistics?

    I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I have never downloaded an actual copy of zf... I simply browse the svn repo and have a few checkouts (as well as svn:externals).

    Curious if you guys have any way to track that (i.e. not committed access to the repo)


  11. Will you also port the packages to Debian and get them uploaded?

  12. I just read this over at Ubuntu Weekly News, and I have to say this is awesome! Now I suppose I could see if I could create packages for my projects that depend on the Zend Framework ;)

  13. I don't really understand why this is very good news, even though the Zend Framework will be included in the Ubuntu repository it will only be downloaded by developers who are familiar with it and I'm sure that they don't really mind coming to the Zend Framework website to download their copy and browse some other pages in the meanwhile.
    I know I do because the release notes interest me the most.

    However, things would be different if the PHP group would add the Ubuntu OS location of the Zend Framework to the "include_path" of the default php.ini file, and perhaps also include a downloader with the PHP package. This would not only include Windows, Mac and other Linux distros users beside Ubuntu users but developers would also have another framework choice next to PEAR, there is no doubt that this would increase the popularity of the Zend Framework. Be sure to add a readme file if you ever plan to ;).

    I'm a total PEAR user but partially switched to the Zend Framework because of its focus to PHP5 and without all the extra code which most framework users probably never use, this makes most PEAR packages too heavy.

    Good work Andy, the Zend Framework deserves this kind of attention.

  14. I haven´t installed the frame because I don't want to expend time installing, and dealing with problems with my distro.

    Now I have an easy way to get the thing works and just coding.

    Excelent news

  15. Zend Framework is no harder to install from a zipped archive. I don't see the point. Now, Django and some other frameworks actually need to run scripts to install themselves, so those make sense. But it takes me about two minutes to set up a ZF environment. It would take less if I put the ZF files in one of my main PHP include paths. Granted, I'm not running Ubuntu or even Linux for that matter.

  16. @thomas - the advantage is that now I can provide an Ubuntu package for my project that depends on the ZF package, so I don't need to ship it with my package :)

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