Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Zend Framework 1.0.4 and 1.5 RC 1 Available

Today we released Zend Framework 1.0.4. This will be the last maintenance release of the 1.0.x tree and includes over 100 bug fixes. This release is geared towards users who are running Zend Framework in production and wish to upgrade to the next stable release.

In parallel to 1.0.4 we have released 1.5 Release Candidate 1. After several months of work we believe we are now getting close to a final release of Zend Framework 1.5. This new version includes a large amount of new features, enhancements and bug fixes and will be a significant upgrade from 1.0.

New features include:

* New Zend_Form component with support for AJAX-enabled form elements

* New action and view helpers for automating and facilitating AJAX requests and alternate response formats

* New Zend_Layout component for automating and facilitating site layouts

* Partial, Placeholder, Action, and Header view helpers for advanced view composition and rendering

* Information Card and OpenID authentication adapters

* Support for complex Lucene searches, including fuzzy, date-range, and wildcard queries

* Support for Lucene 2.1 index file format

* UTF-8 support for PDF documents

* New Technorati and SlideShare web services

and lots more...

I urge everyone in the community to test the release candidate and let us know if you encounter problems. Also, we are aiming at making 1.5 backwards compatible with 1.0.4 so please make sure to let us know if you encounter breakages.

Please remember this release candidate is still not labeled as production ready so use at your own risk.

Thanks to everyone from the community and the team who have made this happen especially getting two big releases out in parallel. It reflects our commitment to ongoing support while working towards a better and brighter future :)

Happy ZF'ing!


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