Friday, May 16, 2008

Zend Framework May Update...

Yesterday, May 15th, we released a maintenance release of Zend Framework. 49 issues were resolved in this 1.5.2 release. Thanks to all contributors and the ZF team who made this happen. This reinforces our commitment to high quality and we will continue to release periodic mini releases on an as needed basis.

Not only is the Zend Framework user base growing rapidly but we are also seeing a sharp rise in adoption of ZF in business-critical commercial applications. Recently we posted two new interesting case studies including one on Indianapolis Motor Speedway who standardized on Zend Framework and Zend products. Another interesting story is IGN Entertainment, a division of Fox Interactive Media, for who the ZF's use-at-will architecture was a key factor in making the choice of Zend Framework.

I am looking forward to php|tek where I will be giving the opening keynote this coming Wednesday. I will be talking about a variety of topics related to PHP, the eco-system and the broader market changes we are experiencing. I will also be talking about a new RIA related project we have been working on in the Zend Framework team. So stay tuned... For those who can't make it we will be putting out further information right after the keynote. And no, we are not building yet another JavaScript Toolkit :)

Last but not least we have just recently worked on improving our contribution process. We believe the new process will make it easier to contribute to Zend Framework while not having to compromise on quality. As a result we have also moved many proposals forward in the review process and I believe we will see a lot more code contributions in the coming weeks.

Until next time... Happy ZF'ing.