Monday, May 05, 2008

CommunityOne Talk - Technical Problems

My talk at CommunityOne was disappointing. I was planning to show a demo which demonstrates both some of the initial Zend Framework Ajax support and also a prototype of server-side push which we've been working on. Unfortunately Vista was unable to project. I have no idea why but it was constantly giving me errors. After about 15 minutes of the technical staff and myself not being able to resolve the issue I did the presentation sans-demo on a Sun machine which was running XP. Also as a result of not using my machine I didn't have ZoomIt available which made it hard for the audience to see the code I was showing.

The audience was very courteous though and waited for me to get started. It was also nice that about 50% where PHP users and about 50% had Web-based MVC experience. A balanced setup for a talk which covered PHP, Zend Framework and Ajax/PHP interoperability including scalability and server-side push.

Besides the technical difficulties the talk went fine but I am sure there was some disappointment in the audience.

I apologize for the inconvenience and am planning to put up the slides and a recorded version of the demo within the next couple of days on this blog so stay tuned. I'll also try and make sure I add a comment on the CommunityOne site once they are up if I manage to figure out how :)

In any case, for those who read my Upgrading to Windows XP blog post, my new Lenovo with pre-installed XP has already been ordered but it'll take 2-3 weeks to actually make it here.