Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Zend Server 6 is launched and available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace

imageIt’s been an incredibly busy and fruitful last few weeks at Zend. We released the newest version of Zend Server and Zend Studio last week, and the initial feedback has been phenomenal.

Zend Server 6 is the ideal application platform for mobile and web applications, and this version brings a new level of enterprise capabilities. In addition to a highly performing runtime environment and rich integration with the Zend Studio IDE, it includes a broad collection of features to help keep your applications running well, and assist both developers and IT operations in finding and resolving any production issues as quickly as possible.

Our team created a cool video which highlights some of Zend Server’s ability to enable scalability and development/operations collaboration. Also, eWeek published a good article on the announcement.

Today, I’m also pleased to share that this newest version of Zend Server is now available on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

Now, for one combined fee with Amazon Web Services, you can run your applications on a fully supported PHP application platform with Zend Server 6 running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Ubuntu Linux.

The combination of Amazon’s supported Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Zend’s “best in class” application platform combine to make an ideal choice for running and managing mobile and web applications.

Some key capabilities of Zend Server 6 include Deployment Automation, Performance & Scalability, Monitoring & Root-Cause Analysis, Mobile-backend APIs, Support and much more! For a brief overview visit our Features page.

A complete “What’s New” for Zend Server 6 can be found on our Website.

To get started, visit either, or you can find the new Professional and Enterprise editions of Zend Server on AWS

Happy PHP’ing!


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