Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Red Hat and Zend Partner to Enable Enterprise PHP on Red Hat OpenShift PaaS

I’m pleased to share that Red Hat and Zend today announced a partnership and the immediate availability of Zend Server for Red Hat OpenShift. With this partnership Red Hat and Zend are joining forces to support professional PHP Cloud developers. A developer can now spin up a gear of Zend Server on the OpenShift platform as a service and instantly get access to a full ready to go enterprise class development environment. Even better, we’ve integrated this PHP platform as a service offering with Zend Studio, our industry leading IDE – meaning that a developer can deploy their app directly from Zend Studio to OpenShift in a few simple clicks.

Red Hat knows what it takes to make open-source software Enterprise-ready. They have shown leadership by taking open-source technologies like Linux and KVM and invested in productizing and supporting those technologies to make them not just viable but a strong alternative for Enterprise customers. With the acquisition of JBoss, Red Hat also entered the application development space. I believe through that experience Red Hat has learned that truly enabling Enterprise app development requires not just a basic runtime but much more. It requires productive and high quality workflows that span the application lifecycle, strong development tools & frameworks and industrial-strength runtimes that include strong management capabilities, performance, scalability, reliability and support.

Zend Server & Zend Studio bring to OpenShift PHP what JBoss brings to Openshift Java - an Enterprise-grade, end-to-end solution for building, deploying and managing business-critical applications. Or in other words – PHP done right for businesses. Even better, while Zend brings to the table a streamlined, industrial-strength way of doing PHP, Red Hat’s OpenShift streamlines a lot of additional application development requirements. For example, on OpenShift it is easy for developers to instantly get up and running with a Zend Server based environment in conjunction with the ability to instantaneously add additional components to their environment such as a MySQL or MongoDB server. It is the opportunity to focus the developers’ time on writing and debugging code as opposed to maintaining the development environment – which we at Zend make even more productive by providing great debugging tools and productivity enhancers as part of our Red Hat integration.

With this partnership we are extending the deployment options for our customer base. Red Hat OpenShift has unique capabilities which we believe many of our customers will find beneficial. With Red Hat’s public statement of intent to also bring Red Hat OpenShift to private Cloud we will see even greater opportunity for this partnership given both Zend & Red Hat will both deliver a consistent environment and management capabilities for deployment of apps across private and public cloud.

In two weeks from now we kick off ZendCon, our annual. Red Hat OpenShift is a major sponsor of the conference and will also be running a Hackathon at the conference. Zend also has a lot more news coming out at ZendCon around development of mobile apps and the next generation of our cloud management platform - much of it will also benefit the Zend solution on Red Hat OpenShift. So stay tuned and if you don’t have your passes yet then be sure to get them asap!

Happy PHPing!