Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Oracle and Zend deliver Zend Server via Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN)


Oracle and Zend first announced a partnership in 2005. As part of that partnership we worked on enhancing PHP connectivity to Oracle DB, drove innovation based on customer feedback incl. Oracle’s Database Resident Connection Pooling (DRCP) and delivered an out-of-the-box experience for Oracle customers using Zend’s Web stack.

Zend Server was released 6 months ago as a high-performance, reliable and secure PHP stack. Zend Server delivers an out-of-the-box experience with Oracle DB and supports Linux via native rpm repositories. As a result IT shops can provision and manage Zend Server in exactly the same way they manage Linux.

With today’s announcement we are taking our collaboration with Oracle one step further and are making Zend Server available via Oracle’s Unbreakable Linux Network. There are many reasons why this collaboration is good for our mutual users incl.:

- Oracle Enterprise Linux is freely downloadable and redistributable which means that anyone can easily build a full stack with these technologies and distribute them.

- As Linux vendors typically offer long term support they rarely update their PHP versions. While this approach works (and is typically preferable) for the OS layer it doesn’t really suit the app dev level. With this collaboration we deliver complete Enterprise-grade PHP 5.2 and PHP 5.3 stacks to Oracle users.

- Oracle has very reasonable pricing and a huge, global support organization to deliver on 24/7 support subscriptions.

- It enables us to deliver Enterprise-ready stacks from top to bottom targeting appliances incl. virtualized and cloud environments (and bare metal).                

Wim Coekaerts’, Oracle’s VP of Linux and Virtualization Engineering, has also written about this announcement.

With the rollout of the OEL+Zend Server combo we are looking forward to supporting users on a best in breed LAMP stack.



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