Thursday, March 26, 2009

Inside Zend Server: Linux Take 2 - Examples

In my previous Zend Server post I mentioned how cool the native integration into Linux was. Let's be real. How many vendors do you know who go out of their way to not deliver a custom installer or monolithic rpm/deb package but actually build native rpm/deb repositories for the various distros? Call us crazy but our goal was to make this the best possible, most integrated experience for our users and we were willing to work very hard for that.

Below are some screenshots of a Fedora update process which shows the tight integration (click on picture for reasonable quality).

1) Open update manager:


2) Show available updates:


3) Review the updates:


4) Apply the updates:


5) Completed:


Slick! Just like you're used to from your distribution.

Oh and here's a screenshot of Synaptic for the Debian users: