Saturday, July 21, 2007

Presenting at OSCON 2007

I'll be heading to OSCON 2007 on Tuesday. Unfortunately, my stay will be short as I already have to head back to California on Wednesday evening but I am still looking forward to meeting as many open-source enthusiasts as possible. Our partner MySQL and us (Zend) are hosting a reception together for our friends and users which I'm very much looking forward to. With an overwhelming overlap in our communities I'm sure it'll make for many interesting discussions.

On Wednesday I'll be giving two talks back to back. The first is on Rich Internet Applications & PHP where I'll talk about the state of Ajax + PHP, show a small demo with Zend Framework and talk about some of the things we've got cooking.

After a short break, I'll be giving a talk on security. My goal for that talk is to take a completely different angle on security than what most are used to, mainly to give people some broader ideas on the subject. Hope that will hit home. You never know how something completely new will turn out :)

Anyway, got to go back and work on my presentations. See you there!