Thursday, May 03, 2007

Looking to grow Zend Framework team

Zend Framework has become an immensely successful project. Despite it still being in beta it has already enjoyed broad adoption and is already used in some heavy production environments (without my official blessing :)
There's a large community of contributors, over 15 translations of the documentation and runs some cool apps like IBM's QedWiki.
We are currently looking to grow the team with very experienced Senior Web developers, both from within and outside the PHP community.
If you are up to the challenge, interested in collaborating with a broad, vibrant and passionate community, and don't get intimidated by multi-tasking in a fast paced environment then please drop me an email at andi at zend dot youknowwhat (and if you don't consider this your first test :)

Please carefully review the full job description before applying and make sure you fit the profile.

Happy PHP'ing!