Thursday, December 21, 2006

2007 Talks

2007 is already looking like a great conference year. In the upcoming year, I've decided to diversify the conferences I attend in order to meet new people, address new communities and in general increase PHP's exposure in new places.

As always, the period before and after the holiday season is quiet, but towards the end of February things pick up rapidly. Here's what I've already got on my schedule:

AjaxWorld Conference & Expo - "How and Why PHP Makes a Successful Back End for AJAX" - March 19-21, 2006, New York

SD West 2007 - "Modern Web Applications & PHP" - March 19-23, 2007

MySQL Conference & Expo - "The State of PHP and MySQL" - April 23-26, 2007

IBM Webcast - "Vista Powering Rich Internet Applications with Zend Core for IBM" - Feb 28, 2007

So it's definitely going to be an exciting beginning to the conference season. It'll be my first time talking at AjaxWorld and SD West and I'm looking forward to meeting those new audiences and hearing how they use or intend to use PHP.

Happy Holidays to everyone!