Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Zend Framework invading Zend?

As many of you have seen a couple of months ago we launched a new and fresher look for the Zend Framework site.
When that went live, all the other Web site owners at Zend became jelous and wanted something just as nice. So it seems that slowly a lot of Zend's Web sites will start adopting this look&feel. The first in line was the Zend/PHP Conference Web site which just finished it's redesign and is a hell of a lot better than the 1990s look we had previously (no offense to its previous designers :) Anyway, I hear next in line is Zend Developer Zone, so stay tuned! We're finally going start getting rid of those nasty designs! :)


  1. the conference site looks very trendy! and good to know about the DevZone. it indeed deserves a better layout and easier navigation, no offense. ;)

  2. The conference site looks very good indeed! I really like it a lot! What I would love to see is to get the official PHP logo (and the website) redesigned. They still look very oldschool.

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