Saturday, March 04, 2006

Quick Zend Framework update.

Just wanted to give a quick update on Zend Framework.

We've already received a lot of great feedback. Thanks everyone!
We have a few problems in this initial release, some due to last minute changes (like Zend_Filter refactoring) and other things that slipped by or were planned for after the first code drop. So let me just give a quick recap of what those problems are so that you know what you can expect to be fixed in the coming days:

- Fix documentation (we mistakenly included old docs for ZDb_DataObject which doesn't exist, and didn't bundle the Controller docs). Thanks to the power of community there are some underground docs online now :) but we will also bundle the official docs in the next drop. We are also planning on beautifying and integrating the docs more closely with the Web site.

- Resolve issues that crepped in due to last minute Zend_Filter refactoring. Thanks to Chris Thompson who sent in instructions on getting it to run again:
1. In the file "Zend/Http.php" change the line
"$allow = Zend_InputFilter::HOST_ALLOW_DNS | Zend_InputFilter::HOST_ALLOW_LOCAL;"
"$allow = Zend_Filter::HOST_ALLOW_DNS | Zend_Filter::HOST_ALLOW_LOCAL;"
2. In the file "Zend/Filter.php", at the top add the line "include_once 'Zend/Filter/Exception.php';".
3. Also in the file "Zend/Filter.php", comment the line "throw new Zend_Filter_Exception('Internal error: IP determination failed');" (did not look into why -- I just commented it out)

- Setup NEWS file so that people can track the changes/fixes between code drops.

Some general issues which we're planning to resolve in the coming days:
- Bundle framework unit tests with the next drop
- Setup mailing list archives
- Provide anonymous SVN access so that people can pull current versions by themselves
- Fix Web site link to CLA
- Add instructions on how to subscribe to the mailing list in a prominent place on the framework site.

Thanks all for the feedback. It's pretty amazing how many people actually downloaded and looked at this stuff on a weekend. Late Friday evening is a developer friendly release :)