Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Zend/PHP Conference Speaker Compensation

We've heard that there have been some questions and confusion surrounding the compensation that will be provided to speakers at the Zend/PHP Conference in October. Let me try to set the record straight.

It is our intention to cover the majority of expenses for all session speakers. The compensation will include a full conference pass, one night paid hotel accomodation per session delivered, and a reasonable reimbursement for travel. That reimbursement will clearly be higher for speakers coming from a farther distance (e.g. Europe). We will work out the details for each speaker as their talks are accepted.

The goal here is to enable speakers from all over the world to present at our conference without incurring a large personal financial burden.

I'd like to personally encourage anyone interested in speaking at our conference to submit a session proposal with confidence that we'll be able to cover their expenses.

If you're interested, the Call For Presentations can be found at the conference web site