Wednesday, October 03, 2007

See you at ZendCon!

ZendCon is only one week away and things are coming together. In addition to Harold (our CEO), Zeev and I presenting the opening keynote, we have Joel Spolsky and Cory Doctorow giving keynotes. Premal Shah of will be part of the closing keynote talking about how they use PHP to connect investors with Third-world entrepreneurs. Add to that keynotes from both Adobe and IBM and you start to get a feel for the excitement building around ZendCon this year.

Of course we have a great lineup of speakers. Names you know like Marcus Boerger, John Coggeshall and Jay Pipes and a few names you may not know like Zend’s own Eddo Rotman and Elizabeth Narimore.

Patrick Reilly of OmniTI is the Program Chair for the ZendCon UnCon this year and he’s been working overtime to round up speakers. You can see a complete list of the sessions planned on the wiki

Finally, our after hours activities are really great this year. On Tuesday evening, we have the Happy Hour 2.0 and on Wednesday evening, Yahoo! is sponsoring the PHP Nightclub (get ready to Rock N' Roll - ok I'm actually more a techno kind of guy).

If you have not yet registered, make sure you do so now. This is an event you don’t want to miss!

See you there!


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